Our Falls Church Dentists Encourage a Diet That Your Smile Will Love, Too

While keeping regular appointments with our Falls Church dentists is a huge piece of the oral health puzzle, it's not all you should be considering. Brushing and flossing daily, as well as diet, can either send the status of your smile to either soaring heights or require us to do some restorative work to repair decay, disease or other damage.


But picking smile-friendly foods isn’t always easy! We know! To help you out today we have compiled a list of a few of our favorites below for you to review:


• Leafy Greens: every kid’s favorite, like broccoli and bok choy, can be a huge help to your smile. These veggies, in particular, have large amounts of calcium and other vitamins that help enhance the health of your gums. You can even combine them with one of the other following selections if their taste alone is not in your wheelhouse.


• Dairy: how about a little broccoli and cheese for starters? By adding cheese, yogurt or low-fat milk to your diet, you can be getting a similar boost of calcium as the greens mentioned above. This benefits the health and strength of your gums and teeth tremendously.


• Whole Grain: by choosing the whole grain option over the starchy “white” one when it comes to rice, bread, pasta and more- you can be avoiding serious sugars that can turn to decay. Not only that, but whole grain is a great source of vitamins that protect the teeth and gums as well.


• Water: last, but not least, comes a beverage essential to you anyway- good old H2O! By staying properly hydrated, you can be creating saliva in the mouth, which helps in speech, digesting and more. Not to mention, water can wash away any stuck food particles between the teeth, reducing instances of decay as well.


For more information on how you can craft the perfect smile diet that is right for you, contact our dentists in Falls Church here at Peyser Dentistry by dialing (703) 893-3333.

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