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Most people can state that at some point in their lives they have been told by their dentist that they are not flossing or brushing as they should be. Not brushing or flossing as you should could lead to cavities, gum disease and tooth decay over time. So how can you make sure that your next appointment to our Falls Church dentist is one that earns a gold star? Here are a few tips to improve!


Improving your Brushing


Brushing and flossing are two different activities that you should do every day for your teeth. For those who are ready to take their brushing up a notch or two, here are five tips to make this happen:


1. Be sure to use a gentle stroke. Brushing too hard can cause more damage than good!


2. Change your toothbrush every few months. A good tip: when you notice that the bristles are becoming splayed or look worn, it is time to change!


3. Brush your teeth at least once per day, but twice is even better! You can avoid many issues by brushing your teeth after eating so food does not have a chance to deposit onto the teeth.


4. Avoid rinsing away the toothpaste from your mouth after brushing. When you do this, you are washing away the beneficial fluoride that needs to stay on your teeth for a bit!


5. Use a toothpaste that will address any issues you may have, such as sensitivity or the like. A dentist can better help you decide on which toothpaste is the best option for you!


Improving your Flossing Habits


Flossing is something that needs to be done each day after brushing. Here are a few tips to ensure that this is done properly so you see results!


1. Do this once a day! If you are doing this right, once a day for flossing is enough for the help of your teeth and gums.


2. Be extremely gentle with the floss and the gums are sensitive. If you floss to aggressively, you will be cutting your gums which can lead to infection later.


3. Do not use the same floss string for your entire mouth, as this increases the chances of spreading bacteria!


Brushing and flossing are activities that you must do. However, if you are doing these wrong, they are not offering as many benefits to you! Make sure you have a golden visit next time you come see our Falls Church dentist by following these tips.

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