Our Family Dentist in Falls Church Discusses Common Pediatric Dentistry Treatment

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the oral health of children from their infancy until their teenage years. Aside from the education and training provided for regular dentists, pediatric dentists go through two or three more years of training for their specialization, including our family dentists in Falls Church.


Pediatric Treatments

Pediatric dentists treat any issue associated with the oral health care of children. The common treatments pediatric dentists handle include the following:


• Pulpotomies

Pulpotomies are treatments used in removing a part of the pulp or nerve of the tooth. These treatments are meant to prevent infection and save a primary or baby tooth.  Dental restoration is normally needed once a tooth goes through a pulpotomy.


• Filling

A filling is the treatment used to restore lost tooth structure. It normally requires the use of filling materials made of amalgams or silver fillings. Composite resin may also be used since it has a similar appearance as a regular tooth.


• Extraction

Extraction is the process of removing a tooth. For pediatric dentistry, this may involve the removal of a misshapen baby tooth that may fall out normally. If baby teeth do not fall out, it may prevent permanent teeth from erupting. An extraction may also be necessary when there is a possibility that tooth decay will infect the other teeth.


• Space Maintainer

A space maintainer is used to prevent any future loss of space if a baby tooth falls out due to decay or an accident. When a baby tooth falls out prematurely, there is a possibility that the teeth surrounding the open space will move or shift, which can obstruct the eruption of the permanent tooth.


• Prophylaxis

Prophylaxis is a dental treatment designed to remove plaque and calculus. The removal of plaque and calculus prevents tooth decay.  This treatment is also called dental cleaning.


It's important to maintain the oral health of children to prevent any complication as they grow older. Thus, it's essential for parents to bring their children to our pediatric and family dentist in Falls Church for their routine checkups and cleanings. Call Peyser Dentistry to schedule their appointment at (703) 893-3333 and our team will happily pick the best date and time that works for you and your family.

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