Your Dentist in Falls Church VA Utilizes Composite Fillings to Protect Your Smile

In order to treat a cavity, your dentist in Falls Church will first remove the decayed portion of the tooth, and then fill it with another substance. This process is called a filling. Peyser Dentistry utilizes composite fillings because they can closely match the natural color of your teeth. They also require that we remove less of the tooth, and can be placed almost anywhere in the mouth.
When can a composite filling be used for?
Decayed tooth (i.e. cavity)
Chipped or broken teeth
Decreasing the gap between teeth
How it's done:
After Dr. Peyser numbs the area where the filling will be placed, he removes the decayed portion of the tooth. He will then apply a substance to the tooth that helps to open up the pores and creates a stronger bond with the filling. The composite material will then be slowly applied in thin layers until complete. After the filling hardens, it will be smoothened and polished so that your bite is comfortable and it looks natural.
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