Top Dentist in Falls Church VA Discusses Custom Dental Guards

There are numerous custom dental guards your dentist can make to help protect your mouth. Here are some to consider.
Custom Night Guards
Almost 20% of American adults suffer from clenching or grinding their teeth at night. This is also called bruxism. Most times, it comes from stress. Grinding and clenching the teeth causes additional wear on your teeth, but might also lead to neck and facial soreness. Additionally, it can lead to temporomandibular joint disorder and arthritis pain.
Your dentist can create a custom night guard to protect your mouth. It’s a plastic mouthpiece which fits over your lower and upper teeth. This protection lessens the damage from grinding and clenching your teeth. They might also correct your bite by repositioning the teeth.
Custom Athletic Mouth Guards
Your dentist also makes custom sports guards for the mouth. This offers the best fit available and is superior to the options in the drugstore. It’s made of a resilient plastic and is worn anytime you participate in sports and activities. With this protection, your gum tissues and teeth are protected from any force that comes from a traumatic blow. 
If you attempt to go with the variety from the store instead, you might notice that they don’t fit properly. Not only will this leave you vulnerable to injury because of the lack of protection, but it might also create sores in the mouth from rubbing.
If children require the use of an athletic mouth guard for school sports, it’s essential that they bring it to their bi-annual cleaning to ensure it still fits correctly. 
If you have any further question about how an athletic or nighttime mouth guard might benefit your life, feel free to make an appointment with your top dentist in Falls Church, VA. The cost is minimal when you consider the alternative of losing your teeth.
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