What to Expect from a Dental Cleaning at Your Dentist in Falls Church, VA

Are you anticipating a dental cleaning shortly? There’s no need to be nervous. Even though dental cleanings are essential for your dental health, they’re also relatively easy, quick, and pain-free.  

Keep reading to learn exactly what to expect during a routine dental cleaning by your favorite dentist in Falls Church, VA!  
Health History and X-Rays 
If you’re a new patient, your new dentist in Falls Church, VA will try and collect as much as they can about your dental health history. They’ll also want to know about the following:  
• Medications you’re currently taking 
• Allergies 
• Lifestyle behaviors (smoking, drinking coffee, tobacco use, etc.) 
• Pregnancy  
• And more 
This information will ensure they’re giving you the best care possible. Dentists will also take x-rays once a year to get an idea of previous dental work done as well as an idea of areas they need to watch. But, of course, if you’re pregnant, you can opt-out of the x-ray.  
Teeth Cleaning
After the x-ray, your hygienist will begin your teeth cleaning. Ultrasonic teeth cleaning equipment as well as dental tools will be used to scrape and remove any plaque and tartar remaining on your teeth.  
Once the plaque is removed, your teeth will be polished and flossed to shine and look their best. At this point, your hygienist will go over some dental hygiene tips and problematic areas they’ve noticed in your mouth that need more attention.  
Dentist Exam
The dentist will come and examine your teeth after your cleaning. This is when they’ll examine any areas that are beginning to decay; the dentist will then decide whether those areas need treatment now or whether you can wait and see if they improve with time.  
They’ll also conduct an oral cancer screening, which involves feeling your neck for lumps and looking at your tongue, gums, lips, and soft tissues for abnormalities.  
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Dental cleanings are easy, virtually pain-free, and imperative for dental health. By ensuring that you’re up to date on your twice-yearly cleanings, you’ll be far less likely to suffer the pain and discomfort of tooth decay or need fillings or root canals.
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