Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are custom-made thin shells that adhere to the front of the teeth to improve their appearance. They are made from materials that are naturally tooth-colored and can be used for a variety of cosmetic reasons.
When should you consider dental veneers?
-Your teeth are stained or discolored
-Your teeth are crooked or misshapen
-Your teeth have spaces between them
-Your teeth are broken, chipped or worn down
-You wish to improve the shape or size of the teeth
How it's done:
Two visits to Peyser Dentistry are usually required to place veneers. At your first visit, we will prepare the teeth for the veneer by trimming a portion of the surface of the tooth. Dr. Peyser will then take an impression of the teeth to send out to our dental laboratory. Finally, depending on how much of the original tooth was removed- we may place a temporary veneer to protect your teeth in between visits.
At your second appointment, we will remove the temporary and check the fit of the veneer from the lab. It is best practice to make any adjustments before the bonding is done, so we will make sure you are satisfied with the look and feel of the veneer before bonding it to your teeth.
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