Fluoride Treatment Available at Your Falls Church Family Dentist, Peyser Dentistry

Fluoride is a natural mineral that is very effective in preventing tooth decay. It is present, in some amount, in almost all food and water supplies. The benefits of fluoride have been well known and documented for over 50 years by various reputable health organizations worldwide.
Fluoride helps strengthen the outer surface of the teeth, making them more resistant to decay and cavities. Various products, such as toothpaste, rinses and more contain fluoride- but it can also be gained from a visit to your Falls Church family dentist.
We can apply fluoride, which is especially helpful for children, at your twice-yearly dental check-ups and exams. We can also prescribe fluoride drops or gels if you would like to gain the benefits of fluoride outside of our office walls. Drops are usually recommended for infants and tablets for children or teens. The amount of fluoride your child takes in must be monitored- because there is such as thing as "fluorosis"- where white spots on the teeth can result from too much fluoride. 
While you do take in fluoride from food and water- it may not be enough to prevent decay and that is why these additional treatments are offered.
Ask your Falls Church family dentists about fluoride treatments for you or your child at your next visit! Give our office a call at (703) 893-3333 to learn more.
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