Tips from Your Emergency Dentist in Falls Church VA when an Accident Happens

Many people have experienced the dreaded tooth emergency over the weekend. Usually, they don’t know what to do. Their dentist isn’t open at midnight on a Saturday. There are several situations that require health care. However, most of the time, emergency care isn’t needed. You need some serious injuries or infections to be justifying an emergency visit. The hospital is your first choice when needing emergency care. Every ER has doctors on call for every type of emergency.
If you are experiencing something that a dentist needs to fix, they will provide one for you, or any other health care professional that you may need. 
What is Considered an Emergency?
If you have serious trauma to the face and mouth, as in you were in a car accident, or someone has severely hurt you, paramedics will take you to the hospital. Immediate care needs to be given to infections or an abscess in the mouth. The severity of the infection or abscess varies, and the degree in which it is hurting you will be up to you for making that ER trip decision. Infections and abscesses can swell a great deal, and make it hard for people to breathe; in that case, call an ambulance right away.
If your jaw becomes dislocated from a fall or other trauma, or you receive a cut or laceration on or near your mouth, an ER visit is imminent. A dentist office would direct you to the ER in these situations during the week regardless. If you aren’t sure, having paramedics look at your situation will give you a good idea if an ER visit is a good idea, and usually calling them out to you is free. 
What is Considered Non-Emergency
If you get a tooth cracked, knocked loose, or broken, you may consider this an emergency. However, unless the bleeding doesn’t stop, or your airway is somehow blocked, then making a trip to the ER will only leave you with a bill, some painkillers, and some advice to call your dentist. A good level of pain may be experienced with some of these problems, which prompt people to go ahead and go to the hospital, but taking some over the counter medicine will help relieve some of the pain so you can wait for the dentist to fix the problem. 
If you are in need of an emergency dentist in Falls Church, VA call Peyser Dentistry at (703) 893-3333.
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