Visit Our Falls Church Dentist for Dental Emergencies First

The team at Peyser Dentistry provides friendly care that helps our patients avoid dental problems as much as possible. However, you may find that, when you least expect it, you experience a dental emergency that needs treatment fast. Should this happen to you, know that you're not alone to suffer until you can get in to see one of our Falls Church dentists. With a prompt call to our office, you can either schedule an immediate appointment or learn what you can do to feel more comfortable until you can be seen.


It isn't only a traumatic event that could cause a tooth or soft tissue injury. In fact, this is most often not the case. While a large majority of people think a dental emergency consists of a lost tooth from a sporting accident or other type of collision, pain and damage could occur from something as innocent as falling down or biting onto a kernel of popcorn. Some of the problems that may need prompt attention include:


A chip, crack, or break

Typically, there is an instigating factor that weakens a tooth prior to a crack, chip, or break. A small fracture or cavity may go unseen for some time and then, suddenly, the compromised tooth shows signs of damage. The break may not lead to immediate pain, but the problem should be treated right away in order to prevent that from happening. Chips and other damage can also occur to existing restorations, such as a crown or a filling.


Tooth pain

Believe it or not, tooth pain is the most common reason that urgent dental care becomes necessary.

A toothache may seem as though it came on suddenly, but the initial problem usually occurred long before intense pain developed. For this reason, it is ideal to contact your dentist at the very first sign of a potential cavity. This may be something no more severe than mild sensitivity. However, early care for such a problem can be much more conservative than what may be needed to repair the more extensive damage. 


It is possible to rinse the mouth with warm salt water and take over-the-counter pain relieving medication to improve comfort if one of these problems is encountered. However, these are temporary measures that need to be followed up with a trip to our office.


Call our office at (703) 893-3333 to prepare yourself for a potential dental emergency with the help of our Falls Church dentists here at Peyser Dentistry.

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