Family Dentist in Falls Church Discusses the Consequences of Sparkling Water

Many people wonder if the satisfying fizz from their favorite carbonated beverage put their teeth at risk of decay or any other problems. 
Since any carbonated drinks, including sparkling water, contain higher levels of acid, there have been many reports that question if sparkling water will weaken your tooth enamel, putting you at a greater risk of tooth decay or cavities.
Does Sparking Water Affect My Teeth?
According to the research, in general, sparkling water is fine for your teeth. 
In a study using teeth that had been removed and donated for research, researchers tested to see whether sparkling water would cause more damage to tooth enamel than regular lab water. The results from the experiment showed that both types of water had relatively the same effects on the tooth enamel. The experiment went on to show that, even though sparkling water may be slightly more acidic, it does not cause any more damage to your teeth than regular water.
Tips to Enjoy Sparkling Water Without Putting Your Teeth at Risk
•    When compared to sugary fruit juices or soda pops, carbonated water is far better for your teeth. However, it is still important to drink plenty of fluoridated water too. The fluoride naturally helps fight cavities and washes away leftover food debris.
•    Always read the ingredients on your bottle of sparkling water. Sparkling water will citrus flavors added in often have much higher levels of acid which can increase the risk of damage to your tooth enamel.  One good idea is to only enjoy these beverages while sitting down to a meal. This way, you won’t be sipping on them throughout the day, continuously exposing your teeth to the acid that they contain.
•    Brands that add sugar to their sparkling water, are no longer able to consider themselves plain sparkling water. They must display on their labels that they are sugar-sweetened beverages. Which, we all know, more sugar means that you are putting your teeth at a higher risk of developing cavities.
Overall, it is important to remember that, even though sparkling water isn’t that bad for your teeth, plain old tap water or bottled water will also be the best choice when it comes to your oral health.
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