Properly Care for Your Toothbrush with Our Falls Church Family Dentist

At Peyser Dentistry, we have equipped our office with the top dental tools in the field to allow us to re-create and maintain your amazing smile. These tools, while powerful, are also delicate and require a great deal of maintenance and cleaning in order to be efficient over time. When our family dentists in Falls Church tell patients they have some equipment at home that can be equally as important as our in-office tools, it can blow their minds.


The toothbrush is consistently one of the best tools you can use to enhance and sustain your oral health on a daily basis. Just like our office-bound tools, yours requires certain cleaning and maintenance steps too. Below are some tips to help keep your brush as strong and clean as can be.


• Before and after brushing, make sure you wash the head of your brush off under hot water while stroking a finger through the bristles. This will free up and wash away any lingering particles or bacteria hanging on.


• After your regimen, place your brush in a holder that keeps the brush upright and doesn’t let it make contact with other brushes or surfaces. Make sure to wash the “white gunk” – which can be heavily mixed with bacteria- off of the holder every once and a while.


• Never let anyone else, not a friend or loved one, borrow your toothbrush. Everyone’s oral bacteria is unique to them, and even one shared brushing can lead to cross-contamination.


• Toss your brush out and get a new one every 3 to 4 months. This will ensure the integrity of your bristles and that your brush is as germ-free as can be for every single cleaning.


For more tips on brushing and/or brush maintenance, see our family dentist in Falls Church at Peyser Dentistry today by calling (703) 893-3333.

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