Top Dentist in Falls Church VA Explains how Dental Sealants are Beneficial

Dental sealants are mainly used in treating children. However, it does not mean that they are not effective or adaptable for adults. The sealant is a protective barrier. It is applied on the outer surface of the vulnerable teeth to avoid cavities. The barrier prevents bacteria and food particles from getting into the teeth to decrease chances of cavities.


Below, your top dentist in Falls Church VA shares the benefits of choosing dental sealants: 


a) Save time

If you have ever had teeth filling then you know a complete rearrangement of your schedule is necessary. You will spend more time in a dentist's chair than you would wish. On the other hand, the sealants reduce the chances of cavities meaning your time will not be wasted in appointment and treatment procedures.


b) Save money

Treating teeth cavities is very expensive especially for those who do not have insurance. On average, 3 out of ten people have decayed teeth. Applying sealants early is less costly compared to the amount needed in treating already formed cavities.


c) Be healthier

Tooth decay will result in more dental problems. Even when you treat cavities, the strength and health of the teeth will not be restored to the level it was at before. It is better to prevent their occurrence. The overall health of the tooth in the short and long-term is improved when you get dental sealants.


d) Solve simple

The sealants do not require a lot of time to apply. Additionally, the process is not painful. The sealants last for years. Therefore, you won't have to deal with kids who are frightened to go the dentist. You will only book appointments when going for annual checkups.


The sealants will work effectively if they are applied in the correct manner. Therefore, contact your top dentist in Falls Church VA for dental sealants by calling (703) 893-3333 today.

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