See Available Cosmetic Procedures Performed by Our Dentists in Falls Church

Cosmetic dentistry is a particular method of the oral health care profession that focuses on improving the appearance of your smile. A majority of procedures are mostly chosen because of a personal choice, but some patients receive cosmetic treatment for an essential reason. Cosmetic services can also provide restorative benefits for a patient that needs to replace a certain part of their smile. Below, our Falls Church dentist explains some of the available procedures available here at our practice and what they can do for your oral and dental health.


Dental Bonding
This is both a cosmetic and restorative procedure where a tooth-colored resin is bonded to a tooth in order to make small, cosmetic improvements to your smile. This is completed much faster than other cosmetic options like veneers and crowns; these procedures need at least two visits to our office while dental bonding only needs one. It’s recommended that this process is used for smaller restorations since it doesn’t typically last as long as the previously mentioned options.


Dental Veneers
These custom-made shells are placed on the front of your teeth to cover any imperfections that a patient no longer wants to see or have anyone else see. They’re made of tooth-colored materials that can change your smile to look bright and healthy. They can also change the shape and size of your teeth to fit properly to the structure of your face. If you have crooked, discolored or gapped teeth, veneers can be the best choice for you!


Teeth Whitening
One of the most popular cosmetic procedures around, teeth whitening can give you the brightest white smile that you’ve been wanting! There are several reasons that your teeth wear down and begin to dim—from your diet, bad habits like cigarettes, and the simple wear and tear of everyday use. There are usually two methods available for teeth whitening, where you can either receive our service in-office or grab a take-home kit with helpful instructions. Make sure to fully discuss this with us so we can help give you the best whitening option available.


To receive one of these treatments mentioned above, to learn more about our other procedures, or to schedule an appointment/consultation, contact our dentist in Falls Church at Peyser Dentistry by calling (703) 893-3333.

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