Find the Best Solution for a Brighter Smile with Our Teeth Whitening in Falls Church VA

The team at Peyser Dentistry is dedicated to helping individual patients reach their goals. Whether that is to prevent gum disease, restore a full and healthy smile, or bring out the best appearance through cosmetic care, we tailor care to each situation. Individuals who are interested in resolving issues with discoloration are encouraged to speak with us about teeth whitening. At Peyser Dentistry, we believe in choices, and that's what you get when you trust in us for a brighter smile.


The New Norm

It used to be that patients who wanted to get rid of stains would schedule professional care with their dentist. Today, the new norm seems to be to reach for a box of bleaching strips. When real results are desired, strips may be complemented with some type of whitening toothpaste. The lack of noticeable whitening can leave a person frustrated and hopeless. But the fact of the matter is, commercial products aren't intended to do what professional whitening can! It's that simple. Peyser Dentistry patients can get dramatic results in one of a few ways.


Mild staining can be resolved in a matter of days when we make custom-fit trays and supply bleaching gel to be worn on a daily basis. A prime benefit of our KöR teeth whitening in Falls Church is that treatments may be conducted on your schedule. If you are one with sensitive teeth, you may opt to apply your whitening treatment every other day. In the end, results will be the same: stunning.


In-office power bleaching can be an excellent solution for individuals who have more resistant staining. Let's say you're a smoker, or you have enjoyed a decades-long love affair with coffee. These stains can be tough, but not impossible to reach. Power bleaching starts with an in-office treatment, and continues with home bleaching until the desired shade is reached.


The power bleaching process can even be taken one step further for those with the toughest forms of discoloration, such as tetracycline stains that originate in the inner part of the tooth rather than on the surface. For truly challenging stains, we may suggest two in-office bleaching sessions to precede several weeks of home whitening.


It is possible to have a beautifully bright smile. Learn more about teeth whitening in Falls Church when you call Peyser Dentistry at (703) 893-3333.

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