Fluoride Treatment from Your Falls Church Dentist Works Towards a Stronger Smile

Have you ever wondered what makes toothpaste so special? Not only that, but what’s it made of that helps our teeth stay so strong, bright, and healthy? An important ingredient in toothpaste, as well as a mineral that naturally occurs in foods and water, is fluoride. This mineral is a huge asset to the strength and stability of your teeth. Below, your dentist in Falls Church VA will explain more about fluoride and what it does for you.


Throughout each day, minerals are lost from the surface of your tooth (called your enamel) when they encounter acids and sugar from the foods and drinks you regularly consume. If there is too much demineralization occurring with not enough remineralization, you’ll be at a higher risk for tooth decay. Thankfully, there are a few ways that patients can protect their teeth from a large amount of demineralization.


Fluoride helps prevent the harmful attacks of tooth decay by making your tooth more resistant to the bacterial and acidic attacks of your foods and drinks. While they may be sweet, sugary, salty, or all-around tasty, they are doing a hefty amount of damage to your smile, even though you’re not feeling it. If ignored or not properly treated, you may only recognize the issues when it’s too late.


Generally, people encounter fluoride the most from their toothpaste and mouth washes. There’s a safe amount of fluoride in toothpaste that works to recreate the minerals on your enamels to help protect and strengthen them. Like we mentioned, there are foods that contain very small amounts of it and there are some towns that provide fluoridated tap water.


Here at Peyser Dentistry, we also offer fluoride treatments for patients of all ages. You can either schedule fluoride to be applied to your smile at your 6-month dental check-ups or talk to us about fluoride gels that you’ll be able to take with you while you’re at home, at work, or on the go.


To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with your Falls Church dentist, give us a call at (703) 893-3333 today!

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