Top Dentist in Falls Church VA Shares Why Mouthguards are Essential for Athletes

Between personal fouls, blocks and tackles, the game of football has more physical contact than one could count. This leaves a player’s mouth subject to plenty of injuries. To protect the gums and teeth, it’s essential to wear an athletic mouthguard at every game and practice. Learn why it's so important with our top dentist in Falls Church VA below.

Why Are Mouthguards Necessary?

Most leagues and coaches require their players to wear mouthguards, and for a good reason. When they are worn correctly, your child’s gums, tongue, lips and teeth are protected. The ADA says athletes that don’t wear them are 60 times more likely to suffer from damage.
Players of all skill levels are at risk, so from your child's first sports league to the professional level, mouthguards are a necessity.

Getting the Best Fit

There are many types of mouthguards. You can find the standard versions from athletic stores. These aren’t recommended because they were not made to fit your child’s mouth perfectly. Instead, the ADA says to use custom-made guards form the dentist.
Start by making an appointment with our office. Then, we'll take a mold of the teeth to customize a perfect fit. We want your smile to be as comfortable as possible, so communication is key to ensure the mouthguard fits well in your mouth.
Once you’ve received your mouthguard, you want to maintain it so you don’t need to buy another one this season. Here are some tips for maximum life:
• Keep it out of direct sunlight
• Don’t use hot water on it
• If it loosens or tears, have a new one made
• Keep it stored safely when not in use
• Brush it often just like you would your teeth
A custom-made mouthguard today protects your child’s teeth from injury tomorrow. This small investment is nothing when compared to the pain and trauma your kid could experience from having a tooth knocked out.
Have any questions or would like to schedule an consultation for your child's mouthguard? Call Peyser Dentistry at (703) 893-3333 and speak with our team to pick the best date and time for your appointment.
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