Learn about Teeth Whitening Obsessions from Your Dentist in Falls Church VA

The nation is on a quest to get teeth whiter than ever. If you take this too far and begin an obsessive compulsion to bleaching your teeth, dentists will consider you a person with Bleachorexia.
How White Can the Teeth Get?
Bleaching will only remove the stains on your teeth. It will not make them any whiter than your natural tooth color is. 
Over time, teeth become stained from products like tobacco, tea and coffee. Whitening products can help to remove this wear.
How do Whitening Products Work?
Teeth whitening systems use a bleaching agent peroxide to make your teeth appear brighter. They will only work on yellow-colored teeth, but not as well on gray or brown teeth.
Here are the various ways to bleach your teeth:
In-office teeth bleaching
This simple office procedure involves putting a protective gel or shield over your gums and then applying the bleaching agent. Special lights are used and the visit can last up to an hour.
At-home bleaching
The dentist can give you a kit to use in your home. This bleaching solution comes in a gel form placed into a mouth guard. It will be worn twice a day or overnight for several weeks.
Teeth whitening toothpaste
ADA-approved whitening toothpaste keeps the teeth cleaner, they don’t actually bleach the teeth.
When Does Bleaching Go Too Far?
When bleaching is done too much, it can cause damage to the teeth.  Risks include:
Oral Irritation
Erosion of the Tooth Enamel
If you notice any unusual effects after whitening, be sure to contact the dentist.
The Right Way to Whiten Your Teeth
Start by choosing the method you want to use carefully. Discuss the options with your dentist and get their recommendation. Use the product as instructed and don’t overdo it.
Once you’ve completed the treatment, aim to maintain a healthy smile. Avoid re-staining the teeth with food or drink.
If teeth whiteners aren’t giving you the result you desire, you can also speak with your dentist in Falls Church, VA about porcelain veneers. While this bill is much larger than using whitening treatments, it may just provide you with the results you wanted. 
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