Our Emergency Dentist in Falls Church VA Discusses the Next Steps to Take After an Accident

Dental emergencies can be catastrophic, but how can you prepare for them in advance? Check out these efficient tips from our emergency dentist in Falls Church VA at Peyser Dentistry.
Emergency First Aid Kit
Preparing an emergency dental first aid kit is simple, easy, and effective. You will need a few different things to ensure that you have the proper equipment. A dental emergency first aid kit should include gloves, gauze, an over-the-counter temporary filling kit, Orajel, and other over-the-counter pain relievers.
Saving Teeth
If your tooth gets knocked out, you can save it! Depending on different situations, so long as your tooth is clean, you can place it back in your mouth. If you’re not comfortable doing that, you can always put your tooth in a small container of milk to preserve it until you can get in to see us.
Making an Appointment
Your best bet in a dental emergency is to get in to see us as soon as possible. Regardless of the crisis, the longer you wait to come to see us, the more difficult it will be to handle your dental emergency. So make an appointment if you’ve had an emergency as soon as possible.
If you’re going through a dental emergency or any other dental concerns, we're here for you! Our emergency dentist in Falls Church VA is equipped for your dental accidents. Feel free to give us a call to set up your next appointment today!
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