Falls Church Dentist Shares What You Need to Know About Lidocaine & Children

Oral lidocaine has been a common pain reliever used to treat irritated throats or mouth sores. Many times it is given during chemotherapy or other medical procedures. Some parents have thought it is safe to use with their kids during teething pain, but the FDA has issued statements suggesting otherwise. Here’s what you need to know. 
Dangers of Lidocaine
In 2014, the FDA warned parents to avoid the use of oral viscous lidocaine for treating teething pain in babies or children. They’ve concluded that the drug can lead to serious harm and sometimes death when used in the mouths of children. 
The FDA has said that topical pain relievers are unnecessary because they are rinsed from the mouth within minutes of application. By giving the child lidocaine, there is a tendency to apply too much and the child inevitably swallows it. This leads to seizures, heart trouble and brain injury. There are documented cases of babies and children dying as a result. 
In the first years of a child’s life, 20 baby teeth make their way through the gums. At the age of three, most children have an entire set of teeth. During teething, children experience tender and sore gums. To deal with this properly, you should rub the gum with a clean finger, a moist gauze pad or cool spoon. There are also teething rings that are helpful when the child bites on them. 
Visiting the Dentist
The most important step that you can take for your child’s dental health is to make an appointment with your Falls Church dentist as soon as that first tooth emerges. If they have no teeth by one year, it is also wise to schedule that checkup. Spending time getting to know the dentist in their early years will help to reduce anxiety and fear later in their lives.
By teaching your child the proper way to care for their mouth while they are young, you are setting them up for good oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime. Encourage them from birth to care about the health of their mouth. 
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