Falls Church Dentist Discusses Causes of Bleeding Gums

If your gums are bleeding, there are several reasons why this could be occurring. Here are the most common.
Gum Disease
If your gums bleed when brushing, one of the most common culprits is gingivitis. This is an early stage of periodontal disease and often leads to inflamed, red gums. There is little that you can do to reverse the effects of gingivitis, but your dentist can help. Be sure to call right away from an appointment. Allowing gingivitis to go untreated can eventually lead to tooth loss, so you don’t want to wait for treatment.
It’s important to note that gingivitis is preventable. All you need to do is take care of your teeth properly, avoid sugary foods and attend your regular cleanings. This is the best line of defense against gum disease. 
Cleaning Routine
If you’ve recently started a new flossing routine, your gums might bleed as they get used to the new cleaning. This should go away within a week. If you brush too hard, your gums might bleed as well. Make sure you are using a soft-bristled toothbrush; otherwise you could damage the gums.
Even if your gums are bleeding, it’s still crucial that you brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and floss once a day. Don’t neglect your daily routine because that will only create more gum issues.
Health Reasons
Pregnancy often leads to gingivitis as well. The inflammation of the gums also leads to tenderness and swelling. 
If you take certain medications, like blood thinners, you might also have bleeding gums. 
It’s vital that you speak to your Falls Church dentist regarding any medical changes. They can help you to look out for dental concerns that could result from the conditions you are facing. 
What to Do?
If your gums are bleeding and it causes you concern, you’ll want to reach out to your Falls Church dentist right away. If you think it’s a result of medications or a health condition, you could also speak to your doctor. Bleeding gums usually don’t go away on their own, so don’t wait for an appointment. Take the step necessary to ensure that you have a healthy, happy mouth for many years to come. 
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