See how Our Dentist in Falls Church VA Cares for Your Children's Teeth and Gums

Adults can sometimes hardly take the pain of sensitive teeth. Imagine how hard it must be for children with teeth sensitivity problems, as well as difficult if they truly have sensitivity problems or if it’s something else. So, whenever your child complains that he/she feels a tingling teeth sensation or a pang of pain when brushing or chewing, there’s a possibility that your child has sensitive teeth.


Below, our family dentist in Falls Church discusses the possible reasons your children are experiencing dental sensitivity:



This dental decay due to poor eating diet and not brushing can lead to teeth sensitivity. Cavities are common in children who eat too much sugar. Cavities develop over time and early childhood cavities can be prevented.


Eruption of New Teeth

Your child’s teeth are still developing, and they may lose their primary (baby) teeth. The eruption of their permanent (adult) teeth can be painful. When food and air come in contact with these teeth, it causes some painful sensation.


Sinus Problems

Yes, children may also experience Sinusitis. Children who have sinus issues often experience tooth sensitivity. Toothache in the upper rear teeth is common because they’re very close to the sinuses.


Teeth Cracks

Children with cracked or misaligned teeth may feel the sting of tooth sensitivity when eating and chewing. Some children may have also cracked their teeth through an accident. Damaged nerve inside the tooth will cause sensitivity.


Improper Brushing

Children who brush their teeth too hard are more likely to wind up wearing away their tooth enamel and gums, which leads to tooth sensitivity. Teach your child the right way of brushing their teeth and develop a good dental care habit.


These are just the common causes of teeth sensitivity in children. Always consult with Drs. Peyser and Peyser to precisely find out the cause of your child’s sensitive teeth and to get proper treatment to avoid further dental problems.

Give Peyser Dentistry a call at (703) 893-3333 to learn more about our available pediatric dental care and how our family dentist in Falls Church VA is the best choice for the whole family.

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