Leave It to the Pros: Choose Our Falls Church Dentist for a Brighter Smile

Ahhhhh! That morning cup of coffee is so delicious and fulfilling. It's also a habit that could be staining your teeth. We would never suggest that you give up your beloved cup of Joe, nor your evening glass of red wine or favorite bedtime tea. Fortunately, these little luxuries no longer hold the power to destroy your smile and make you look years younger by giving you yellow teeth. If your teeth have become dull and dingy, contact our Falls Church dentists, Drs. Peyser and Peyser, to discuss your options for reviving your smile.


Stains, Why?

Teeth become yellow for several reasons. It could be a simple lack of luck in the genetic lottery that caused you to have naturally darker enamel. From here, your smile could go downhill due to habits like using tobacco or drinking stain-causing beverages on a routine basis. The fact of the matter is that enamel absorbs tiny molecules from food and drinks as we go through life. This is why people with yellow teeth look older. Another sad fact is that discoloration gives the illusion of poor oral hygiene, even though this may not be the case. Here's the good news: this can all be resolved!


Stains are likely, but they don't have to become obvious and they don't have to make you feel self-conscious about your smile. At the same time, you also don't have to go it alone. Sure, commercial whitening strips look appealing; they are inexpensive and so easy to obtain. On the flip side, they really don't work for very many people.


Professional teeth whitening treatment is also affordable, and it addresses several important factors. These include:


•  Product strength. The reason why commercial whiteners usually fall short is because they are not very concentrated. If they were, there would be the potential for adverse reaction, so they can't be. The products used in the dental office are five or more time more concentrated than what is obtainable commercially. This equates to results.


•  Safety. Whether you choose in-office whitening treatment or our home whitening system, you can feel safe that your teeth and gums will be protected. This may be accomplished by sheeting delicate tissues during the one-hour treatment session, or with the use of custom-fit trays that prevent peroxide gel from leaking onto the gums.


•  Supervision. Safety is also increased with supervision. Clearly, we are directly supervising in-office procedures. Even patients who choose to whiten at home with a professional kit have the ability to call on us if they have questions or concerns.


Are you ready to rise and shine? Call (703) 893-3333 to schedule your consultation with our dentists in Falls Church and brighten your smile - the right way - today.

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