Zirconia Crowns

While fillings only cover a small portion of a tooth, a crown can encase the entire visible portion of a tooth- in effect- acting as a new outer layer. Crowns are utilized when a tooth is broken or decayed to the extent that fillings will not suffice. Crowns are able to create a protective layer around a damaged tooth to strengthen it, and also enhance the appearance of the tooth. 
At Peyser Dentistry, we have been using Zirconia Crowns for years now due to their improved strength and retention rate.
How it's done:
Crowns are typically completed over a 2 visit process. At the first visit, Dr. Peyser may have to remove a portion of the tooth so that the crown fits properly. After reshaping the tooth, an impression will be taken of the tooth to send to a dental lab so that they can create your permanent crown. Before you head home, the doctor will fit you with a temporary crown.
At your second visit to our Falls Church office, we will have received your final crown from the lab. We will remove the temporary and place the permanent crown, ensuring that it fits comfortably and matches the color of your teeth before finalizing the process.
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