Dive Deep into the Power of Your Smile with Our Falls Church Dentist

Whether we like this idea or not, studies show that our smile does the talking a lot of the time. Innate human tendency dictates that we are quick to "measure up" an opponent. Ok, so maybe your co-worker, business partner, and spouse aren't really opponents in life. What this tendency means is that we observe a person's appearance, and then we form an opinion, and they do the same with us.


That being said, the seconds that it takes to develop an image of someone will largely revolve around appearance. So, is your smile doing the kind of talking you want it to? If not, it's time to visit our Falls Church dentist for the care you've been looking for.


The team at Peyser Dentistry knows that it is important for you to maintain healthy, functional teeth. This affects your physical comfort and ability to chew efficiently. We also know that the appearance of your teeth has a lot to do with your overall image of yourself. It is with this in mind that we conduct care related to your restorative and cosmetic concerns. In addition to friendly, personal service for oral health needs, we love helping patients bring out their natural beauty.


Teeth whitening: Stains on your teeth may be the fastest way to look older than you really are. Discoloration is hard to avoid, but handling stains are oh, so easy. We perform teeth whitening treatment right here in our office for patients who don't want to wait to transform their smile (and their facial esthetic!). The alternative, home whitening, is convenient and comfortable, and it is just as good as in-office whitening at achieving a major lift.


Tooth-colored restorations: Early in dentistry, tooth repair was conducted with a singular focus. Today, we assess the overall need for structural support, and we combine that with an understanding that most patients really don't want to give up their authentic beauty. Restorations like fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures are all made with quality materials that look like your natural teeth.


Invisalign: Getting a straighter smile once meant having to sport a metallic smile. Many people simply choose to pass on this opportunity, but they can now correct certain alignment issues in a comfortable manner that meets their need for maintaining a certain image, as well.


Your smile is sending messages about who you are. We can help you stay on point with your image with cosmetic dental care. Call (703) 893-3333 to schedule your consultation with our dentist in Falls Church and see how Peyser Dentistry can help you.

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